KB SeamlessMaker 1.3.3 (MacOS X, Windows & Linux )

With SeamlessMaker 1.3 you can apply amazing and beautiful effects very easily like Droste effect (recursive picture), hyperbolic tilings in the style of Escher, kaleidoscope (the final picture is seamless), mandala (with a lot of options), conformal map (topography, projection), tiles, dithering, four-color decomposition (CMYK), cartoon, painting, anaglyph, textures ... You can make endless zoom movies ! You can also enhance your photos with a large choice of tools: levels/curves, a fine black & white filter, sharpness with 8 bands for 8 scales of details (very powerful), white balance, barrel/pincushion distortion, perspective, blur (to reduce colorimetric noise in a&b layers), gradient, Sobel ...

You can see SeamlessMaker in action by watching more than 30 video tutorials here. You also have a little "Quick start" manual here.


Mac Mac Mac
download SeamlessMaker _1_3_3_Mac.zip download SeamlessMaker_1_3_3_Win.zip download SeamlessMaker_1_3_2_Linux.zip

Language support : flags

System requirements:

- Mac OS X : Any Intel-based Macintosh with OS X 10.6 or later

- Windows : Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

- linux : x86-based Linux distributions with GTK+ 2.8 (or higher) / glibc-2.4 / libstdc++.so.6 (Ubuntu 8.04 or later - SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 )

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